Quality is the foundation of our work


As a German medium-sized family company, our operating structure provides for flexibility and reliability on the basis of partnership. This achievement is supported by technical know-how and constant close co-operation with technical institutes and universities.


Every professional can rely on the high quality of KEIL products.


We can offer a solution for every type of use. More than 40 years experience with drilling and bits mean that we can competently solve problems for you.


Our representatives and our engineers are always pleased to advise you comprehensively and well in case of drilling problems.


You should always look for a few essential quality characteristics such as those KEIL build their tools so that your new drilling tools do not become a disposable item.


All tools are made of the best tempered tool steel as a matter of principle.The density, hardness and shape of the carbide tip are precisely adapted to the intended use and of best quality.


The use of quality-critical work procedures, such as inert gas high – temperature brazing up to 1,120 C, austempering and shot- peening, ensure a long tool life.